2,020 Mile Challenge

Join the running community in challenging yourself to run 2,020 miles in 2020. This year is about focusing on what's best for you in running and in life. The running community is here to support you! You can run your miles any where (even on the treadmill), any day, any time throughout the year to total up your mileage.
Don't worry! If 2,020 miles looks intimidating to you (it does to me, too), I added in other mile options to choose from during registration.
Throughout the year you will be emailed by me with motivation and support to keep logging miles.
I believe in you and want you to have a successful year in running and in life. 
Use #2020in2020Challenge on social media!


We are the ONLY virtual race series that donates 100% of your race registration to the charity of each event. Between all of our races, we have donated over $120,000 to help those in need. Join runners around the world in giving back!

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