Run for Australia

Run or walk a 5k or 10k any where, any time to support those working through the Australian wildfires. ​You can even get your miles done on a treadmill. 100% of proceeds will be donated to the Australian Red Cross and the local fire departments: New South Wales Rural Fire Service.

  1. Register below.

  2. Donate $5 for a 5K or $10 for a 10K. 100% of proceeds from your run will be donated.

  3. From now until January 26, grab your running shoes and head out anytime, anywhere.

  4. Post a photo on social media of your run using #RunForAustralia.


2,200+ Runners and $26,000+ Raised

Australian Red Cross Receipt.png
NSW Receipt.png

First Donations Made:

The first week of #RunForAustralia has raised $25,172. 

We donated $12,644 to the Australian Red Cross and $12,528 to the NSW Rural Fire Service. Donation receipts are above (they are in Australian dollars). THANK YOU!