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"Go to your happy pace" is one of my favorite quotes for running. I truly believe in the power of positivity and how it helps us reach our running goals. Whether you're just starting to run a mile or have run more than a few marathons under your belt, running is something to celebrate! 

This is a month-long challenge that will change your perspective on life and running. Starting on November 1, we will work together by running (virtually) together and challenging our thoughts and perspective. Through this challenge you'll connect with other runners while we work through weekly positive activities, attend virtual chats with expert guests, and more. 

This challenge is for runners of all ages and abilities who want to focus on the positive aspect of running and going after your goals.

The Happy Runner Challenge is an online program. All live videos will happen on the exclusive Facebook Group. After you register, you will gain access to the training plans, workbooks, and activities along with weekly emails and FB posts for us to stay connected.

Free Registration

With your registration you'll receive:

  • Access to training plans for 5k, 10k, and half marathon distance

  • 2 expert guests to talk with us about safety for runners and body positivity

  • Weekly workbooks and activities to help guide you to be the best runner and person you can be

  • A community of people who love to run

Gold Registration

With your registration you'll receive:

All the above PLUS

  • 1:1 Coaching with Kelly for the month

  • Virtual race day experience with your very own finish line banner sent to you


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Sarah Canney

Sarah is an athlete, coach, writer and mom with a passion for running. After battling an eating disorder for nearly ten years in her teens and early 20's, Sarah found freedom and healing. Running proved a catalyst in her transformation as she learned to rewrite the negative narrative in her head and find a unique strength within herself. As Sarah became more involved in the running community she was inspired by the connections she had made to create Rise.Run.Retreat in 2015. 


Sarah's mission is to help women gain confidence, find strength and make authentic connections through running. As the host, she creates a place for women to be inspired and experience personal growth through running. 


Sarah is also a RRCA and USATF Running Coach and since starting running has become a competitive mountain runner and was a member of the 2018 US National Snowshoe Running Team, finishing 9th at the World Snowshoe Championships in 2019.  In 2020 Sarah won the Bronze medal at the Snowshoe World Championships. You can find more from Sarah at

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Christine Nichols

Christine is the cofounder of Relentless Runners, RRCA certified running coach, pre- & postnatal fitness specialist. She has been promoting safety for runners recently and doing her research on the best ways to protect ourselves while out on a run. You can visit her Instagram here.