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I LOVE shopping on Amazon. It’s one of my favorite pastimes. Probably not a financially healthy one but I’ve found some pretty good things on there!

I did a deep dive (all the way back to 2017) into my Amazon orders to find the items that I’ve actually kept and use as a #motherrunner.

Happy running & shopping :)

  1. These Amazon t-shirts are my go-to for running currently. They are a little longer in the back, really comfortable short sleeve shirts. They absorb sweat pretty well too!

  2. A simple blank tank top to run in or layer with to go to a workout class.

  3. I purchased these last winter and they are amazing. Fleece-lined legging with pockets that keep your legs warm during those cold months.

  4. Amazon doesn’t explicitly say this is a workout shirt (and I originally purchased it without thinking about working out in it) but the material is perfect for working out. I’ve worn this on walks, runs, yoga and strength training. Plus the colors are so fun!

  5. A friend from high school actually designed this and put it up on Amazon. It’s a great run-lifestyle shirt with a fun message!

  6. I get asked about these shorts all the time on Instagram because I rave about them constantly. I have three pairs so far and I’m never let down. They are long enough to not chafe, thick, and super comfortable to run in. If you buy anything from this list - buy these.

  7. Really simple high-waisted running leggings with pockets!

I didn’t buy a ton of maternity clothes off Amazon because there are some really good small businesses that specifically make maternity clothes for running but these are great and affordable.



  1. A stroller fan is a must for my kids! We use the stroller and are outside in all seasons.

  2. If you have a baby, get this white noise machine! I used this for all three kiddos when they were babies and would always fall asleep in the stroller when I was walking or running.

  3. Another fun option for a stroller fan that doesn’t hurt the kiddos when they touch it (and they think it’s fun).

  4. A snack tray is a must when my kids are toddlers. I throw snacks at them during my run to keep them happy so having this was a lifesaver.

  5. As moms, we hold all the things even when on a run. This handlebar console is great to hold all the drinks, snacks, and your phone. This one is for the BOB Duallie.

  6. This is a BOB stroller adaptor if you have one still needing to be in a car seat while in the stroller.

  7. This weather shield for BOB strollers is a life saver. I’ve been outside with the stroller in high winds, cold weather, rain/snow and the kids are tucked in nicely.

  8. A handlebar console for the BOB single stroller.

  1. I purchased this for a family member at Christmas, fell in love with it and bought one for myself. Having my feet even a little elevated after a workout is glorious while I work from home.

  2. The best tasting protein powder you will find. I have this on Amazon Subscription where it comes every 8 weeks.

  3. My husband thinks I’m so weird but these toe spacers feel abnormally nice, especially after a long run.

  4. I was dealing with some pretty gnarly plantar fasciitis a couple years ago and bought this. It’s great for stretching your foot, achilles, and calf!

  5. I bought these ice-pack socks when I was pregnant with Charlie because of how much my feet were swelling. Then I continued to use them after marathons and even my ultra. They feel so nice. I’ve also gifted these to a few new moms :)

  6. Another item I’ve purchased for myself, family members, and new moms and runners. I’m an Oofoos partner so I think it’s against some rule to post this Amazon link but Amazon is where I purchased them first 4 years ago. I wear mine every single day and have purchased the flip flop version to wear out and about. A tip: pack these in your gear check bags at races so you can change into them after you finish a race. It’s a glorious feeling.

  7. Collagen peptides powder is something I use to make my smoothies along with the Vega protein powder.

  8. These are $15 compression sleeves that I’ve had for 5+ years and still top all of the “brand name” sleeves out there. I’ve tried many different brands and keep coming back to these.

Here’s a few of the running books I’ve purchased on Amazon. I recommend all of these to all runners to read at least once.





*This blog post includes affiliate links through Amazon where I receive a few pennies if you purchase through these links. Thank you for supporting me!

This was a rough week of training for me. Life is busy and my body feels exhausted from life. It is hot here in South Carolina and the treadmill runs are getting me down a little, too.

Monday - 45 minute Peloton ride

Tuesday - 30 minute treadmill run

Wednesday - strength

Thursday - really wanted to run outside so I waited until 7pm thinking it would be better. It was a freaking hot 3 miles with Gunner & Logan in the stroller. Walked close to a mile because Gunner was overheating. I did wear my new running shorts that I had to get. They say “don’t just stand there, bust a move” which I absolutely LOVE but they did NOT pass the sweat test.

Friday - Hill repeats on treadmill: 10 min warm up, 5x45 second hills at 6-8% incline with 1 minute recovery, 10 min cool down

Saturday - rest

Sunday - 4 miles & a shit show. Left around 7am for a morning run with Gunner and I made it .2 miles before Charlie (my oldest) was running down the street yelling and crying. She thought she was being left alone in the house, which was not the case. Feeling upset and disappointed that I didn’t get in my outdoor run for the week, I ran 3 miles on the treadmill while all the kids woke up. I watched a little of the Victoria’s Secret Hulu documentary to get through and then put the leash back on Gunner, kids on the scooters, baby in the stroller and forced them all to run 1 mile with me. By the time I was done, I felt like I had ran a half marathon just with how much I had to juggle to get in a run.

I have had my first pair of Oofos for 4 years now and wear them every day. I was treated to two new pairs after becoming an Oofos ambassador and I’m still in love. I wear them as house slippers & even bring them to races to change into after I run (game changer). I now have the flip flops that I’m wearing for quick errands and times when I know I’m going to be on my feet a lot out of the house. I have loved these for recovery and help me so much with plantar fasciitis/feet pain. You can get your pair or pairs here!

I did start drinking Athletic Greens this week in the morning before breakfast. I decided to give it a try after seeing SO many people recommending it. Pleasantly surprised with the taste because I honestly thought it would be absolutely disgusting & I do feel like I have more energy in the mornings without having 3+ cups of coffee. I’ll keep you updated as I keep it in my morning routine.

Cheers to these tough training weeks that I have to remind myself are part of the journey.

Happy running,


I have made ALL the mistake in my 10 years of running long distance. Seriously, all of them. 📌Don’t forget to share this so all new runners can take note!

Here are three important ones to avoid if you can:

#1 - Rest isn’t always fun with you’re having a great training week but it’s vital to your performance as a runner. Make sure you’re taking those rest days just as serious as your run days and recovery in between.

#2 - At least 85% of your runs per week should be easy peasy!! If your effort is too hard for every run, your body will be in so much stress that it won’t have time to really build that strength and endurance. This is the same for running too many miles. Too many miles too fast is a recipe for disaster. Endurance takes time and patience so really embrace those lower miles and building slowly.

#3 - Wearing the correct shoes can help more than you think! If you’ve never been to a running store where they looked at your gait and fit you for shoes, go now! If you’re a “need-stability” runner and wearing neutral shoes with no support…yikes. Shoes that have reached their max mileage will also increase your risk of injury. Find a shoe that works for you and keep taking care of those feet!

Mistakes happen in life & running, beginner or not. It's how we learn from them and make ourselves a better runner!

Embrace every mile and happy running,

Coach Kelly