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Cooper River Bridge Run 10k Training Plan

Have you been wanting to run the Cooper River Bridge Run 10k but don’t know where to start? Or want to switch up your 10k training?

My plan below will get you to the finish line smiling and strong! Starting on February 5, join in on the fun for the next 8 weeks leading up to race day. If you’re new to running, head to your local Fleet Feet running store and have them look at what kind of running shoe would be best for you. Finding the right running shoe for you will help decrease your risk of injury and more! This is a great first step if you’re new to running & reminder that you should be switching up your shoes every 4-5 months. While you’re at the running store, see if you can make their weekly run meetups to have some accountability and encouragement.

The 10k plan below is for beginner or intermediate runners. It includes four run days, two cross training or strength training days with one rest day per week. If you are needing a second rest day, use one of the cross training days to rest! Keep strength and cross training fun & simple. Cross training workouts can be low-impact exercises that help compliment your running like elliptical, cycling, yoga, etc.

Every other week will have one run focusing on hill repeats (hello, Cooper River Bridge). Hill repeats build your strength and endurance while also helping your running form.

For your easy runs – don’t rely on pace to determine your easy effort runs. It should be by feel and your pace could change run from run. To keep easy runs easy, try an interval like run 3 minutes, walk 2 minutes for the duration of the run. Or dare I say, ditch your GPS watch every once in awhile to get in tune with how your body feels effort-wise. You should be able to hold a conversation easily during an easy run. Another great reason to go for a run meetup in your area!

Remember that life happens and we have other priorities outside of running so training should flow with your life, not against it. If you are needing to take more than two days off each week – it’s okay! You can get to the finish line with three solid runs a week. I’d rather you do that than struggle through all your workouts and end up burning out or getting injured. Every runner is different so stay in tune with yourself!

Download this plan - you can do it!

Coach Kelly


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