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Week 3: Training for my first 50 miler

This was a rough week of training for me. Life is busy and my body feels exhausted from life. It is hot here in South Carolina and the treadmill runs are getting me down a little, too.

Monday - 45 minute Peloton ride

Tuesday - 30 minute treadmill run

Wednesday - strength

Thursday - really wanted to run outside so I waited until 7pm thinking it would be better. It was a freaking hot 3 miles with Gunner & Logan in the stroller. Walked close to a mile because Gunner was overheating. I did wear my new running shorts that I had to get. They say “don’t just stand there, bust a move” which I absolutely LOVE but they did NOT pass the sweat test.

Friday - Hill repeats on treadmill: 10 min warm up, 5x45 second hills at 6-8% incline with 1 minute recovery, 10 min cool down

Saturday - rest

Sunday - 4 miles & a shit show. Left around 7am for a morning run with Gunner and I made it .2 miles before Charlie (my oldest) was running down the street yelling and crying. She thought she was being left alone in the house, which was not the case. Feeling upset and disappointed that I didn’t get in my outdoor run for the week, I ran 3 miles on the treadmill while all the kids woke up. I watched a little of the Victoria’s Secret Hulu documentary to get through and then put the leash back on Gunner, kids on the scooters, baby in the stroller and forced them all to run 1 mile with me. By the time I was done, I felt like I had ran a half marathon just with how much I had to juggle to get in a run.

I have had my first pair of Oofos for 4 years now and wear them every day. I was treated to two new pairs after becoming an Oofos ambassador and I’m still in love. I wear them as house slippers & even bring them to races to change into after I run (game changer). I now have the flip flops that I’m wearing for quick errands and times when I know I’m going to be on my feet a lot out of the house. I have loved these for recovery and help me so much with plantar fasciitis/feet pain. You can get your pair or pairs here!

I did start drinking Athletic Greens this week in the morning before breakfast. I decided to give it a try after seeing SO many people recommending it. Pleasantly surprised with the taste because I honestly thought it would be absolutely disgusting & I do feel like I have more energy in the mornings without having 3+ cups of coffee. I’ll keep you updated as I keep it in my morning routine.

Cheers to these tough training weeks that I have to remind myself are part of the journey.

Happy running,



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