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Running Workout: High Five Tempo

What is a Tempo run?

Tempo running is a type of speed workout for endurance runners. It's a moderate effort run that builds up your ability to run faster for longer periods of time! Tempo runs revolve around your "tempo" pace or threshold pace - this is usually a moderate to hard effort that you can hold for about an hour. This is a great workout to add in about once a month whether you're running a 5k or marathon. A tempo run can be a classic "run 30 minutes at tempo pace" or it can be an interval repeat workout in the middle of your run. Today's workout below is an interval tempo run.


The goal for most runners to improve isn't specifically about pace, it's more about efficiency which then makes you faster - making your faster pace a result of being a more efficient runner. Holding a threshold/tempo pace during tempo runs make your body more efficient & overall a better runner. You can have some fun and change the variation of the tempo workout as well!

Here's the structure of a tempo run with repeats:

x minutes or miles for warm-up/easy running

x number of interval repeats at tempo pace with short bursts of easy running in between repeats

x minutes or miles for cool-down/easy running

And now for the High Five Tempo workout:

10-15 minutes warmup

5 minutes of easy effort

4x5min tempo/threshold effort (a little faster than your 10k pace but slower than 5k pace) with 2 minutes easy running in between each set *should feel moderately hard

5 minutes of easy running

10-15 minutes cool down

Have some fun with it and change up the number of repeats each time you do this workout! Remember to start off your warm up SUPER easy so when you move into the easy running you're still feeling that increase in effort. It should be uncomfortably easy :)

Happy running,



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