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3 Common Running Mistakes to Avoid

I have made ALL the mistake in my 10 years of running long distance. Seriously, all of them. 📌Don’t forget to share this so all new runners can take note!

Here are three important ones to avoid if you can:

#1 - Rest isn’t always fun with you’re having a great training week but it’s vital to your performance as a runner. Make sure you’re taking those rest days just as serious as your run days and recovery in between.

#2 - At least 85% of your runs per week should be easy peasy!! If your effort is too hard for every run, your body will be in so much stress that it won’t have time to really build that strength and endurance. This is the same for running too many miles. Too many miles too fast is a recipe for disaster. Endurance takes time and patience so really embrace those lower miles and building slowly.

#3 - Wearing the correct shoes can help more than you think! If you’ve never been to a running store where they looked at your gait and fit you for shoes, go now! If you’re a “need-stability” runner and wearing neutral shoes with no support…yikes. Shoes that have reached their max mileage will also increase your risk of injury. Find a shoe that works for you and keep taking care of those feet!

Mistakes happen in life & running, beginner or not. It's how we learn from them and make ourselves a better runner!

Embrace every mile and happy running,

Coach Kelly


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