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Habits for Runners


Ready for some real talk? Let’s chat about habits ⬇️

When I started running half marathons and marathons, I always stopped at the bottom of a hill. Automatically. Didn’t try to run up or see how far up I could go running. I just started walking whenever I saw a hill coming.

It turned into a habit while running. I would notice myself getting stronger but I would see a hill and my body would have the urge to just stop before I could even think. I couldn’t understand why until I started learning more about habits.

I always thought of habits that were not running-related. Like taking vitamins daily or waking up earlier in the morning. It took me a long time to realize that I had created habits for myself while on the run, not just making the time for the run itself. Some are good habits, like fueling when I need to or bringing chapstick along. But the more I ran, the more I noticed the bad habits too. Like immediately walking up a hill or slouching over when I was tired.

I still sometimes have the urge to walk the moment I see a hill but I have spent years working on the habit to see how far I can run up it before I actually feel the hard effort I’m putting in. The thing about habits is that working on mindfulness will help you see what habits you’ve already created without even a thought. I had no idea i created a habit for myself with hills until I spent a couple years working on my mindset on the run.

The lesson that I’m learning is that hills will always be there. There are guarantees in running like you will always get tired the longer you run. You will feel like you’re working too hard on a run. The solution isn’t getting rid of the problem (no hills, no long runs, etc.). The solution is figuring out what habit you’ve already made & then working on a better habit of working through it.

Happy running,



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