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New Treadmill Workout & Finding Your Minimum with Running

I uploaded a new treadmill workout! This one is a fun one & great for marathon runners or those training for their first marathon. My weekly running schedule is 80% of runs easy effort and 20% moderate-hard effort. This means if you are running 4x a week, you should keep 3 of those runs easy and 1 run a 'running workout' or 'quality session.' For your running workout day, try this workout either at the track, outside, or on the treadmill:

Warm up (easy effort) for 5-15 minutes

4x800m repeats with 2 minutes recovery in between

*the 800m repeats should be run within the time you want your marathon time to be. Example: If you're shooting for a 4:30 finish time for the marathon, try and run the 800m in 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

Cool down (easy effort) for 5-15 minutes

This workout is called the "Yasso 800s" because the professional runner, Bart Yasso, swears by this workout.

Up the mileage with this workout and do more of a warm up and cool down. The closer you get to your marathon, add more reps in for more mileage too. Shooting for 4-10 reps is great for building your endurance and getting in the mindset of your goal marathon finish time.

Run with me here:


During this workout, I talk a little bit about a recent podcast I was on that focused on finding the time to run being a mom. This podcast conversation can be helpful for any runner who has other priorities/responsibilities outside of running and you need help finding the time and motivation to get runs in.

After running for close to a decade through college, marriage, three pregnancies and postpartum stages, working full-time, and life in general - here are my tips:

Find Your Minimum

Here’s your permission slip: You don’t always have to be doing the most. ✨Whether it’s life becoming too stressful with other responsibilities or you are just burnt out, you don’t have to cut running out of your life completely to be successful. Find your minimum and make it work for you.

3 ways to find your running minimum:

1. Pick 3 days when you can get in 20+ minutes of movement in a week and stick to those., Forget the rest. Don’t get too caught up with having to workout everyday or getting in every single training run. You can still workout and build endurance without running all the time so do what makes you happy! Give yourself a couple days a week where you don’t have to run but still get in a little workout to get some endorphins and strength going in other areas!

2. Run/walk intervals. If you’re lacking motivation and are burnt out from running, try run/walk intervals if you still want to get mileage in. Give yourself set times like run 3 minutes, walk 2 minutes and get through your run that way.

3. Stop posting your runs on social media. WHAT!? I can’t believe she just said this. I DID. If you are short on time or stressed out about the run in general, stop spending your time posting about your run. There’s no need to take the perfect picture and write the perfect caption after a run if you have other things and responsibilities to do like reflect on your run/mindset, get going to ___, etc. I also want to point out that when you list out your responsibilities, YOU should be on the list. Your mindset and overall well-being is your responsibility and should be handled as such.

I hope these tips help you when you burnt out or trying to find the time to run!

Happy running,



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