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Running Goals & How to ACTUALLY Achieve Them

2022 is right around the corner and while I'm not a huge fan of "New Year Resolutions," I am a fan of setting realistic goals for the year.

When it comes to running, there's always so much peer pressure of doing all the races, Boston Qualifying, or running farther than you've ever gone before. If these are goals, GREAT! But, if these don't resonate with you don't waste your time saying they are your personal goal and then setting yourself up for failure.

Running goals that aren't pace or mileage related: staying consistent, adding in more strength training, improving your running form and cadence.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What are your running goals (overall, not year specific)?

  2. Which one(s) can I realistically achieve in one year?

  3. What is my reason for achieving this goal?

The key is to be specific with your goal & reasons. "I want to run more" isn't going to cut it. Try "My goal for 2022 is to run 5x each week."

Now that you know your goals, shift your focus to this question:

  1. What is needed from me to achieve this goal?

Form an action plan. Create habits & routines that support your goal. Your mind doesn't see the overall goal and know exactly what to do so you need to focus on these small systems, habits, and routine to achieve your goal.

On a daily basis, Ask yourself when faced with a decision: Will this help me achieve my goal of ____? A quick yes or no is a great way to stay connected to your goal and your why. If your goal is to run in the mornings, staying up to 2am watching shows is an easy way NOT to achieve that goal. Start acting like the morning runner now. Be who you want to be NOW & build the daily systems around that.

The first image is the order of the steps you take when setting your goals. The second image is the order of IMPORTANCE for achieving your goals.

I believe in you! Your dreams should scare you a little bit but focusing on the small habits and routines will make them achievable.

Happy running,



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